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About Us

About Us

About Us

Hair Transplant, Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Objective: Thanks to the agreements we have made with hospitals and doctors specializing in hair transplantation, plastic surgery, we are preparing opportunities to provide you with cheaper and quality services.
Specialist physicians, experienced health personnel, provide scientific service to all patients, support them with close attention, and provide treatment services within the framework of the principle of "trust in health, comfort in service".

Service: Our staff can speak many foreign languages, especially English, except Turkish; Your assigned Car Hire With Driver will meet you at your address or at the airport and will take you to your accommodation with our free Airport Transfer service.
We offer free assistance before and after the operation.

Our vision
Providing an exemplary service that provides service with the most advanced technological equipment, an expert team ensures correct communication between the institution and the patient and set the standard of quality by keeping patient satisfaction at the highest level

Our Mission
To provide a service that is the most important value, the right to health, in a modern way, in accordance with the values of the society.

Our Values
The success of the health and service sectors is people-oriented. The target and measure of the services we offer are also human. Based on the moral theme, when the service we give to human beings is provided by ethical people, a high value comes to the portal. Combining the developments in the world with our experience in the field of health and tourism, respecting patient rights and ethical rules to the end, being diligent, and pioneering in a way that will raise our service above world standards is the value that makes us preferable.

Hrh Lucky Health, we try to bring the patient to the relevant doctor and provide two-way communication between patients and hospitals
For more than 15 years, Hrh Lucky Tourism has been providing car rental services with driver service, and Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfer in Asia side of Istanbul and Istanbul New Airport transfer services, on the European side, also at İstanbul we provide car rental services.
As of 2015, Turkey has developed the health sector has led to many foreign patients coming to Turkey for treatment. At that time, the service we provided only to assist our guests who received a Chauffeur-Driven Car or airport transfer service from us, the developing communication with health institutions, and the intense demand of our guests led us to provide professional service.

Our Service Policy

Hrh lucky health adopts the principle of ensuring the correct communication between the institution and the patient in order to minimize the error, it is an intermediary institution where respect is glorified and has a team spirit.

Hrh Lucky Health is committed to maintaining the Holistic Quality Management philosophy. In this context, "Patient Satisfaction" is our indispensable service principle.
Hrh Lucky Health has no commercial concerns in its relations with its patients, it does not create mechanisms by which the patient can make unnecessary payments, so no employee is rewarded.
Hrh Lucky Health does not discriminate on religion, language, race, nationality, or gender in any way. No patient is directed somewhere differently. All patients are informed about the cost and risk. It does not allow surgical intervention except for medical needs. Ethical rules apply in all areas.

Hrh Lucky Health's most valuable capital is its employees. Believes that at the point where "Unconditional Patient Satisfaction" and "Absolute Employee Satisfaction" meet, real intermediary health service can be provided.
By providing modern healthcare services to all its employees, patients, and their relatives within the scope of health, within the framework of humanitarian and scientific principles, without delay, with smile, interest, love, compassion, and respect; He sees it as his duty to inform them patiently, understandably and politely at every stage. This duty is expressed as providing the scientific level and traditional hospitality at the highest level without breaking the contemporary line.
Hrh Lucky Health service concept provides excellent service at every stage, starting before the patient reaches the institutions, continuing in the hospital, and after the hospital.

At Hrh Lucky Health, everyone loves their job and the guest and takes on both success and responsibility. Nobody says, "This is not my concern, not my job", except for specialties. Always provide service and execution to ensure service uptime.
Education is one of the main guarantees of the Hrh Lucky Health partnerships permanence
Believing that investment in health will turn into quality in service, Hrh Lucky Health constantly supports it and puts forth activities that will strengthen togetherness and probability. It knows that its employees are getting better day by day within the framework of the Holistic Quality Approach.
Hrh Lucky supports those engaged in health, research, and scientific activities, with the awareness of protecting public health

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